Thank you all for the kind words on this, my 64th birthday. It is great to have so many great friends.

My significant other, Diane Harter, asked if I felt a year older today. I said I felt the same. At least I do right now. I don’t mind getting older. I’m happy to be 64.  Now, I just need to remember that I can get AARP and other senior citizen discounts.

I am lucky that I have Diane in my life and after recently attending the 36th annual Cerna Family Reunion in Pasco, I realize how fortunate I am to belong to a big, loud, crazy, loving and wonderful Mexican-American family.

I am also glad to have meaningful work and the opportunity to be active in the community. It keeps me going.

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Living with Depression

When I heard of Robin Williams’s death, I felt, like many, shock and sadness. He was such a talent, a force of nature, who made me laugh and gave joy to so many people. He was battling severe depression and, according to his wife, Parkinson’s disease.  We may never know what finally pushed him over the edge to take his own life.

What I do know is that depression can take a person to that edge. As someone who has struggled with it since I was 34, I know the pain it can bring. There’s the sense of worthlessness, the fatigue, the joylessness of life, and the frustration for your family and friends that want you to just snap out of it.

I spent many days wishing I would wake up and all would be well.

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