Are you in need of a speaker, moderator or facilitator?

I have a versatile background of interviewing people from all walks of life – from former Presidents to rock stars. My style is to engage both audiences and speakers in authentic conversations that capture the human spirit and explore the human condition.

Here’s What I Can Do for You:

Moderate a Public Event

I have a track record of increasing the importance and visibility of your event by lending my skills as a reporter, feature producer, host and locally respected, experienced journalist.

Analyze Public Attitudes and Politics leading to a Presentation

I have the background to speak on a number of subjects, such as the Changing Nature of Journalism as We Used to Know It; Emerging Latino Political and Buying Power; Leadership that Keeps the People in Touch; and many other subjects.

Speeches, Special Projects, & Inspirational Talks

I have an established reputation of rallying young people, diverse populations and female audiences with thoughtful, creative and up-to-date perspective of opportunities and challenges for our communities and organizations.

Video Production

I can help you position your mission (non-profit, government agency or business) on video in an authentic, poignant and direct approach that will help improve your message in today’s social media world. Whether you want something for your own website, or something for others to see about the work you are doing, I can do the research, direct the cameras, handle the voice-over and on camera hosting and oversee editing of the content that you want delivered.

Media Training

I bring years of experience working in front of the camera, and I have helped scores of people become more confident, endearing and effective speakers. In addition, I am connected to the ever-changing media environment here in Puget Sound. I can help you devise and navigate a strategy to reach key players in the media world here and in the region.