Thank you all for the kind words on this, my 64th birthday. It is great to have so many great friends.

My significant other, Diane Harter, asked if I felt a year older today. I said I felt the same. At least I do right now. I don’t mind getting older. I’m happy to be 64.  Now, I just need to remember that I can get AARP and other senior citizen discounts.

I am lucky that I have Diane in my life and after recently attending the 36th annual Cerna Family Reunion in Pasco, I realize how fortunate I am to belong to a big, loud, crazy, loving and wonderful Mexican-American family.

I am also glad to have meaningful work and the opportunity to be active in the community. It keeps me going.

On this birthday, I do have a wish. We live in unpredictable times where there is too much vitriol and division. I don’t know about you, but I find it stressful and draining. So my birthday wish is that we all take some time to find some kindness, grace and humanity. No matter what our differences might be, let us try to be respectful of each other today, tomorrow and in the days ahead.

Thanks again to all who sent me birthday greetings and to all of you who are also celebrating a July 12th birthday, I hope you enjoyed a great day.

Feliz Cumpleanos!

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