Dolores Huerta: “Si, Se Puede”

When I asked Dolores Huerta how to deal with overt racism like we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia, she replied quickly with one word: “organize”.

“People have taken their hoods off and you can identify them,” says Huerta. “I think people are now really concerned and paying attention and it’s time now for all of us to get together and to be active and involved to change some of the policies that are hurting our society.”

At 87, Dolores Huerta is a legend. She co-founded the United Farm Workers union with Cesar Chavez. She coined the slogan “Si, se puede” or “Yes, we can” that President Obama used in his run for the presidency. Obama honored her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012. Today, she is training the next generation of community organizers through the Delores Huerta Foundation.

Huerta’s life is the subject of an inspiring feature film “Dolores”, now playing at the SIFF/Uptown Theater. The film was produced by Grammy winning guitarist Carlos Santana and directed by Peter Bratt.

We talked recently via telephone while she was in New York promoting the film.  She is funny, gracious, passionate, energetic and truly inspiring. Here is the link to an edited version of the conversation I posted to YouTube.

Si, se puede!

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